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Springtime Products

My favourite thing about saying goodbye to the winter months is saying hello to springtime and brighter mornings and days.

So in the meantime, I am always looking for ways to brighten up My Home Sweet Home.  Flowers help make a house into a real home.  They provide beautiful displays, wonderful natural scents and can be the perfect centrepiece on a table.

Our homes are reflections of ourselves, and can often determine how we feel.  That is why it is so important to add things that can brighten them up.  Flowers can boost your mood and keep it elevated for days.

It doesn’t matter if your partner, your child or you have bought the flowers, they make you feel good and they can make the dullest room a little brighter.

At My Home Sweet Home, we have put together a selection of jugs that we feel would make the most beautiful of flowers even more eye catching.

The Franjipani floral jugs are hand painted in 3 vibrant floral designs.


The Fleur floral jug is skilfully hand painted in Kashmir.


The exquisite Lolita hand painted jugs with their vibrant colours and delicate birds make these a beautiful accessory and gift.  As well as their primary function these jugs look gorgeous filled with a bouquet of your choice.


The eye catching Eva hand painted jugs available in four vibrant colours to suit all interiors or kitchen.


Receiving a bouquet of flowers can be very heart warming, but imagine receiving one of these jugs filled with flowers, that would definitely make my day brighter.

Paula Mixides